Dave Holland – Old Folks – Solo Transcription

Dave Holland on Double Bass
Source: baixobrasil.blogspot.com

Dave Holland on Old Folks

Dave Holland’s solo begins at 4 minutes 6 seconds.

This transcription is the first to go up on this website, and is a bit of work I did years ago while studying at university. We were very lucky in that Dave Holland came to teach us once a term, and I really learned a lot from listening to what he had to say, and seeing and hearing how he played. Question and Answer is one of my favourite albums, and I really liked the melodic nature of this solo. As it’s on a ballad you get a lot more time to hear and understand what he’s playing, as well.

Follow the link on the line below to view the PDF, or right-click on it and “Save Link As” to download it. If you find mistakes, please notify me so I can correct them.

View/Download – Dave Holland Old Folks Solo

Why Learn This?

In short, as I’ve said before: Knowledge is Power.

I think this is a really good solo to learn for bass guitarists or double bassists with a working knowledge of jazz harmony. Analysis of this solo will provide large amounts of information and concepts when dissected in the correct way. I might put some advice up about that in future, but if you would like to know more, transcription and analysis is one of the main components of my private tuition. This solo can simultaneously be used to work on sight reading, and will force you out of the lower end of the fingerboard, so make sure you think about the fingerboard positions you are in. This can differ between double bass and bass guitar.

Approached correctly, learning a solo such as this by a master like Dave Holland, will make you a much better musician. Playing along with the record is also really important. It’s on YouTube and Spotify, so go check it out (and pay attention to Metheny and Roy Haynes, and what they do as well)…….it’s great music.

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