Bass Video – Bass Guitarist from Wales, UK

See footage of Tom Sinnett playing live

The YouTube box below contains a playlist of Tom Sinnett’s bass videos, linked from his YouTube channel. All these are live performances, unedited, and from the audience perspective. These will give you an idea of what Tom’s playing sounds like live, in a band context, and covers an eclectic mix of many genres (jazz standards, Dream Theater, blues and singer-songwriter).

Coming soon! Bass video lessons and transcriptions

Over the course of the next few months I will begin uploading bass video lessons to my YouTube channel, as a little taster of my approach to playing and learning, and what you get when you study privately with me. I am also in the process of transcribing lots of great basslines by some spectacular musicians, which I will then video with the help of StudiOwz and upload for people to use as a study tool. If anyone has any ideas of topics they would like covered, or tracks they would like to see and hear being played, get in touch!

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