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Tom Sinnett - Birmingham Studio Recording

I am pleased to now be able to offer online session bass tracks. If you need a bassist for a recording you have done (be it one demo track or an entire album), I can offer professionally recorded bass parts (in any style/genre) wherever you are in the world!

All I need is a rough stereo mix of the track in its current form, and a bit of information about what you want from the bass tracks. I can play notated parts, base my part off an audio example or come up with something from scratch, if you desire it.

I will then return you a selection of takes in their raw, unedited WAV or AIFF formats, which you can import back into your software for mixing.

How much will this cost?

As every project varies, I can only quote costs on enquiry, depending on the amount of time it will involve. So get in touch! What you should know is I pride myself on being a fast worker, and have incredibly high standards in both playing standards and recording quality, meaning you get great value for money. You will also find that it is probably a LOT cheaper than you think!

The way it works is this: first, get in touch via the contact page on this site, and I’ll get back to you, we then agree a cost for the project via email or phone, and I send you a link to pay in advance via PayPal.  I will then complete the recording and return the tracks to you (via WeTransfer) for your assessment. I offer two revisions/retake of the track for free, if you want something different, and after that each further retake incurs a further cost. However, I doubt this will be needed.


Over the last year I have also become listed on Airgigs, a marketplace for online session musicians. It’s great, and also allows people to leave feedback for tracks I have recorded. I’m currently in the top 10 rated bassists on there, and if you’d like to have a look at my ratings/reviews or book me via that, click here.

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